Sarah's Keto Reset Experience

"This was my first round of Keto Reset after having previously completed two rounds of the a few years ago. I was interested to give it a go based on the hype around Keto, but liked that this program was focused on clean, balanced eating with lots of veges and whole foods - not just cheese and bacon. The first four days were the hardest for me, but after that I was away laughing. I went down a dress size in the 30 days, had consistent energy levels for the first time in so long, and generally felt amazing. This program is tough - you have to be in the right frame of mind and, if you want results, you have to stick to the program. I made sure I started this during a time when I had no social engagements to attend so there was no temptation, but it’s only for 30 days and then you can relax with what you’re eating. I’m about to start a second round and, although I know my results probably won’t be as dramatic, I’m excited to see what I can achieve."