Top 5 Healthy Keto Snacks

Just because you are on a Keto diet, doesn't mean you won't get hungry between your meals or that you don't get to have a snack now and again. When it comes to snacking on a Keto diet, the most important thing to remember is that you want to keep your carbs as low as possible. That means you are looking for high protein and fat snacks!

Supermarket Keto snacks can contain a lot of added nasties and e numbers, so we recommend you make your own snacks to have on hand, for those days when you are super hungry or have a craving for something extra.

Here are our top 5 Keto snack recommendations:

Pork Crackle

This snack is an excellent choice because it is high protein and meets the salty and crunchy potato chip cravings! Here is a recipe so you can make your own.

Macadamia Nuts

A super treat that is packed for of healthy fats. When is comes to macadamia nuts, a little goes a long way. 50g is a great snack size. We love to oven roast these in a little coconut oil and add some salt!

Fat Bombs

Fat bombs are like little chocolates that are made out of high fat ingredients such as coconut oil, coconut butter and nut butters. Our favourite is a peanut butter fat bomb! Delicious! 

Keto Crackers

Excellent with a slice of your favourite cheese, Keto crackers are a great snack that everyone loves to share. This is an easy recipe that you can whip up for platters out with friends!

Keto Chocolate

Just for those days when you are craving a little chocolate, give keto chocolate a try. There are many brands available these days at the supermarket however we are a little fussy - you can see our favourite here, Callebaut keto chocolate buttons from Belgium!