Sara Evans - Behavioural Nutritionist
GCertScTech (Human Nutrition), Primal Blueprint Certified Expert, MEd (Distinction), BSc Psychology, Qualified Personal Trainer
Your coach is Behavioral Nutritionist Sara Evans. With a background in psychology, nutrition and the fitness industry, she has extensive experience motivating people to improve their health.

Hi, I’m Sara – a Behavioural Nutritionist from Simple Tasty Nutrition Why am I different to other Nutritionists? I believe balance and realism is the key to success - being strict and setting unrealistic expectations is not going to help you improve your health.
I will show you how to find a real food balance in this crazy over processed world we live in.
I have a young family so I know what it’s like to have little time. That’s why my approach with you will focus on small, manageable action steps to transform your life and happiness. I don’t believe in going on a diet or over-complicating things. I will show you how you, by making smart food choices 80-90% of the time, will improve all areas of your health and well-being. I will help you establish realistic and achievable goals and give you the tools to make them real. I believe that through good nutrition you can change your life for the better - whether to lose weight, look and feel better or improve your mental and physical health!
Family is important and always comes first for me, therefore my nutrition plans work well for you and your entire family. I guarantee that by changing your families’ nutrition, you WILL make significant improvements in your family dynamics and health.

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Elora Harre - Weight Loss Mentor

Your coach is Weight Loss Mentor Elora Harre. As someone who has been through massive weight loss herself, she has the insights and knowledge into your weight loss and health journey.

Hi, I’m Elora - the Weight Loss Mentor for Keto Reset.

Since January 2013 I have lost over 57kg through a wholefoods lifestyle, and my role here is to help mentor and support our participants. As someone who has spent over 5 years already on the same path as most of you, my main focus is to help you out with the motivation side of things. I know how it feels to take those first tricky steps, as well as those times where you feel like falling off the bandwagon. I’m here to make sure you don’t fall off the bandwagon!

Aside from mentoring Keto Reset, I also mentor 10 Week Challenge, run an online whole foods store and blog full time! You can always find me over on The Shrinking Violet where people follow my health and wellbeing journey. My motivation behind co-creating this program was to be able to introduce people to Ketogenic Eating and have them successfully achieve their own personal health and wellbeing goals.

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